We are a young, dynamic and growing property development company with an innovative building technology. The company is established by an international team with great experience in property development. architecture and construction. The foundation is built on the foundations of excellence, integrity, transparency and innovation.

"We work hard on our mission with a strong believe in our philosophy with an innovative vision to reach our goal."





Provide AFFORDABLE homes with FREEDOM and QUALITY of life for EVERYONE


SOCIAL COHESION is the willingness to COOPERATE in order to PROSPER


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Arthur is the founder of various high-tech companies in the aviation industry and experienced with international corporations. In the aviation and aerospace industry he took on mandates to improve simulation and training products. His experience covers operations and supply chain management. He became a top rate product developer. He is an entrepreneur to the bone and inspires to create products to new and emerging markets.

Arthur is the front man of Maxxliving. He is responsible for keeping us ahead of the competition, for investor relations and for marketing and sales.



Arthur van santen started his career at an international trading company and made it to CEO for this company. Coming from a real estate family he already started investing and renovating real estate in his 20ties, this together with his brother. After this job he successfully started a real estate investment and developing company 25 years ago, also together with his brother. They created a large portfolio of buildings such as hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and offices both national as international.



Hans van Santen studied to be a lawyer, worked his way op in an international organisation/shipping company to CEO. Besides this busy job, the entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at a young age by the real estate business. Were they renovated and invested in real estate next to their busy jobs. Together with his brother, also his business partner, he started full time a business 25 years ago constructing and renovating apartments, building up a portfolio of hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and offices both national as international.


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A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful operations manager with a proven ability to develop constructive teams and projects in order to maximise profitability and efficiency. Experienced leader that is able to "glue" all sectors of a the construction business together and make it a dynamic and progressive organisation. Jonathan has excellent communication skills and is a master in establishing sustainable and profitable relationships with professional teams, suppliers and subcontractors. 



Krista Mulder is the creative mind of our company. She is responsible for our own branding as well as for each estate’s branding. Her creativity is not only showing in collateral and websites, but also in the interior styles of the homes we built. Her ability to combine her professional HR and Management background and her creative skills she is able to contribute on many levels.

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Having worked in the property industry for over 20 years and with a degree in Marketing and Communications, Tammy has successfully launched dozens of successful off-plan and ready built property developments in South Africa. These include luxury housing estates, mixed use developments, high density projects and Mega-Projects, including her most recent project, Steyn City in Johannesburg where Tammy worked for 10 years as Group Head of  Marketing and Sales for the group. During her time there, Tammy was recognised for her work in female empowerment by The Mail & Guardian as one of the Top 50 Women Changing South Africa.

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Louis is a proactive jack-of-all-trades who knows how to tackle things. He has many architectural projects to his name where it is his art to translate the wishes and requirements of the client into a suitable design. Good cooperation with contractors, active budget monitoring and regular consultation with clients results in a good construction process and end result within the set budget. Louis is a real team player who can switch well between different parties and projects. He works in a structured way and has the ability to get to the core quickly. With his enthusiasm, his perseverance and ambition, he manages to achieve a lot.



Maarten is one of our architects, and responsible for the overall architectural concept of the houses, and the urban layouts of the estates. Maarten develops different sub-types of the houses, and additional features. As well in the interior as exterior design of the house, and how it suites the estates.  In the estate development he is the leading architect, to ensure the quality and right atmosphere of the estate and the houses. Works side by side with sales and with the engineers to get our goals achieved.

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Rob is a senior design & engineering consultant, highly experienced with integrated product development of consumer and professional products.

His experience covers a wide variety of projects and products; from electric vehicles and charging solutions to high-tech machines such as full motion flight simulators and luxury submarines. His extensive portfolio and multiple design awards made him a renowned 3D CAD expert, supported by the fact he was the first end user worldwide that reached the top-level SolidWorks Expert Certification. His responsibility in the Maxxliving team is optimising the designs for production and building the engineering system that ensures the product conformity needed for efficient large-scale production, while maintaining the high level of configuration flexibility.